The '5s' project has already contributed to generating a number of publications. These are listed below:

J.M. Morales, A. Conejo, H. Madsen, P. Pinson, M. Zugno. Integrating Renewables in Electricity Markets: Operational Problems. Springer Verlag, Int. Series in Operations Research and Management Science, in press.
Journal articles

  • P. Pinson (2013). Wind energy: Forecasting challenges for its operational management. Statistical Science, available online
  • J.M. Morales, M. Zugno, S. Pineda, P. Pinson (2013). Redefining the merit order of stochastic generation in forward markets. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (IEEE Power Engineering Letters), in press
  • P. Pinson (2013). Comments on: Space-time wind speed forecasting for improved power system dispatch. TEST, in press
  • J.-M. Morales, M. Zugno, S. Pineda, P. Pinson (2013). Electricity market clearing with improved dispatch of stochastic production. European Journal of Operational Research, under review

Invited talks
  • P. Pinson (2013). Discrimination ability of the Energy score(s). University of Heidelberg, October 2013
  • P. Pinson (2013). The value of probabilistic information for energy applications - from theory to reality. German Weather Service (DWD), October 2013
  • P. Pinson (2013). Stochastic power generation from renewables: Forecasting and optimization challenges for its optimal integration. Energy Systems Week, Isaac Newton Institute, University of Cambridge, April 2013
  • P. Pinson (2013). Renewable energy forecasts ought to be probabilistic! WIPFOR - Forecasting for the energy industry, EDF, Paris, June 2013